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Writer: A Definition

TweetThere are a few definitions of a writer that I like.  I think my two favorites are: A writer is someone who has written today. and… A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than for other people. Obviously I’m more of a second-statement writer as of late.  But I don’t think getting […]

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Interesting Couple of Days

TweetAnd by interesting, I of course mean sucky.  Started last night when I got two-outed twice in a PLO tournament and then thrown out of the casino because the dealer in the 8-16 game didn’t know the rules and I had the gall to point that out to him.  Tonight got even more interesting.  On […]

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Gonna get some writing done tonight!

TweetHurray!  Caught up with my work with Chris Wallace, wife and kids are in bed, school soccer season is over (I coached 7/8 graders to an undefeated season), so time to write!  I’ll be working on The Seelie Wars, a trilogy my mother and I have a contract coming for.  Working with her is both […]

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