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New Year’s Resolution

Tweet Well, I did it. I made a New Year’s resolution. Actually, I didn’t think it up till the day after New Year’s Eve, but I’m still calling it a New Year’s resolution. I write fiction. I’m totally allowed to do that. I didn’t want to tell anyone about this resolution until I had a […]

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Cats Laughing’s Kickstarter

Tweet First and foremost, I’d like to send a huge thank you to Dee and Corwin over at Beyond Conventions. Without their skill, enthusiasm, and inexhaustible energy, this would not be happening. On to the blog… When Corwin first approached me with the idea of running a Cats Laughing kickstarter to “get the band back […]

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Finally, an update!

Tweet Been meaning to for a while now. Added an entire art section, which has photography, drawings, videos, and picture poems. Added a new poem. And finally added a couple of freebies to the Poker section for those wanting to beat up on their home game.  

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Hackers and Heroes

Tweet Hackers hit my Dreamhost recently and infected over 80,000 files on my sites alone.  I was able to manually remove a lot of the infected files on my own, but called in the big guns when I began to realize the scope of the attack. The inimitable Corwin Brust came over and pounded out […]

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Time to Think in Hatfield

Tweet Ensconced in my mother’s house in Hatfield, MA, where I spent most of my formative years, I’ve had a lot of time to think.  There’s a lot of memories here, and a lot less of my normal distractions.  And though I have a lot of things I probably should be thinking about—work, money, high […]

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New Poems

Tweet Just posted two poems to the writing section. Fenris I wrote some time ago and remains one of my favorite fantasy poems.  Red and Black dragged me out of bed this morning.  Wrote the whole thing in my head before risking the cold.

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Writer: A Definition

TweetThere are a few definitions of a writer that I like.  I think my two favorites are: A writer is someone who has written today. and… A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than for other people. Obviously I’m more of a second-statement writer as of late.  But I don’t think getting […]

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Interesting Couple of Days

TweetAnd by interesting, I of course mean sucky.  Started last night when I got two-outed twice in a PLO tournament and then thrown out of the casino because the dealer in the 8-16 game didn’t know the rules and I had the gall to point that out to him.  Tonight got even more interesting.  On […]

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Gonna get some writing done tonight!

TweetHurray!  Caught up with my work with Chris Wallace, wife and kids are in bed, school soccer season is over (I coached 7/8 graders to an undefeated season), so time to write!  I’ll be working on The Seelie Wars, a trilogy my mother and I have a contract coming for.  Working with her is both […]

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Free Write

TweetAs you can plainly see, my free writing plan is beginning swimmingly.  Bah. Three days before I finally get another one going.  I’m currently embroiled in mortal combat with a PokerXFactor video I’m trying to record.  I’ve got video clips turning upside down when I convert them, a conversion program them pixelates them and another […]

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