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Cats Laughing’s Kickstarter

Tweet First and foremost, I’d like to send a huge thank you to Dee and Corwin over at Beyond Conventions. Without their skill, enthusiasm, and inexhaustible energy, this would not be happening. On to the blog… When Corwin first approached me with the idea of running a Cats Laughing kickstarter to “get the band back […]

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Finally, an update!

Tweet Been meaning to for a while now. Added an entire art section, which has photography, drawings, videos, and picture poems. Added a new poem. And finally added a couple of freebies to the Poker section for those wanting to beat up on their home game.  

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Interesting Couple of Days

TweetAnd by interesting, I of course mean sucky.  Started last night when I got two-outed twice in a PLO tournament and then thrown out of the casino because the dealer in the 8-16 game didn’t know the rules and I had the gall to point that out to him.  Tonight got even more interesting.  On […]

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Selling used books can be a little painful…

Tweet…but Uncle Hugo’s helped make the experience completely fucking miserable. I can understand a little bit of surliness–I’ve certainly been guilty of that at times–but the owner’s complete lack of even elemental human politeness goes beyond the pale.  He is rude, demeaning, and when I said, “Thank you, have a nice day,” I got absolutely […]

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A new site. Finally.

TweetWell, as you can plainly see, I’ve redone my entire website. Needed to get away from my old CMS and have more freedom to play around. Of course, having finished the whole thing, I now want to redo it and make it validate in HTML5! Anyway, watch for the front page animation to change (I’ll […]

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