WordPress Plugins

I do a lot of WordPress installs, and though I use a variety of different plugins, there are a certain number that I pretty much automatically install into every site I do.

  1. Widget Logic – This plugin allows you to easily place widgets on pages/posts according to a vast array of rules without complex coding.
  2. PS Disable Auto Formatting –  Stops WordPress from crapping all over the code you’re trying to put in the html box.
  3. Theme Authenticity Checker – If you’re using themes from anywhere other than WordPress.org then you need this plugin.  Checks for static links and encrypted code in all your themes.
  4. Asynchronous Google Analytics for WordPress – Just what it says.  If you’re not using Google Analytics to track your site’s info, then this plugin is no use to you.
  5. Strictly Tweetbot – Allows you to automatically tweet to a number of accounts when you post a new blog.  If you were alerted to this entry through one of my tweets, you know what its output looks like.
  6. Strictly Google Sitemap – Creates and updates a Google sitemap for you.
  7. Tweet Meme and Like – Places retweet and like buttons on, below, and/or around your content.
  8. Datafeedr Random Ads V2 – Real easy to use random content rotater.

A couple of plugins I’ve used and liked, but aren’t on the auto-install list since not everyone needs them:

  1. LiveJournal Cross Poster – Cross posts to LJ. Remember, you can import from LJ without the use of a plugin.  Just go to Tools -> Import.
  2. WP Jquery Lightbox – WP image links open in a plain page.  With this plugin, they open up in a nice lightbox overlay.
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