Cats Laughing’s Kickstarter

First and foremost, I’d like to send a huge thank you to Dee and Corwin over at Beyond Conventions. Without their skill, enthusiasm, and inexhaustible energy, this would not be happening. On to the blog…

When Corwin first approached me with the idea of running a Cats Laughing kickstarter to “get the band back together,” I was, of course, interested, but I wouldn’t say excited. I didn’t think we’d drum up much interest in a twenty-eight year old band. Then Neil Gaiman narrated our video and John Scalzi tweeted about it, and I thought, Hrmmm, this just might work.

And just yesterday, we hit our Tier 3 goal.

Holy Crap.

I have to say, it is absolutely humbling. The fact that so many people have shelled out money — in some cases quite a bit of money! — to hear us play again is amazing. It is a feeling I cannot precisely describe, but humbling is the closest I can get. To all of you who have donated, I send you an earnest thank you, and will do all in my power not to disappoint. To those of you who are at Minicon and just happen to stumble into our concert, I hope your mind is appropriately blown.

Now, any ideas for a Tier 4?


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