Feds Bust Online Poker Sites

Today, the Feds went after the biggest online poker sites, seizing their assets and blocking their websites.  I have a prediction based on this action: the US Government will legalize online poker within the next year.

A few months before Canterbury Park opened, the local police busted out a number of local games, one of which I was a regular player at.  Lucky for me, I was not there when the cops showed up, but a number of people were charged with misdemeanors.  This feels like the same thing.  Pay the authorities to get rid of your opposition and then move into the void that’s created.  Now, it was silly at the local level. Canterbury Park provides a level of experience and number of games that no home game can expect to compete with, and all the home games were going to dry up anyway shortly after the cardroom opened.  The billion-dollar industries of Full Tilt and PokerStars would be a little more difficult to beat coming to the game so late.  The government attempted something similar when they tried to pass the law that would have closed all sites to US customers for 18 months so that US companies could catch up.  Naturally, US poker players were not particularly thrilled with this prospect, and the bill died.  Apparently, the government is still interested in getting into the market unopposed, and has decided for a more “rough wooing.”

It’ll be interesting to see how this shakes out during the coming months.  Strange that this happens on the same day that the District of Columbia takes steps to legalize online gambling, no?

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