Upcoming Poker Events

For all my poker playing brethren: a couple of upcoming events I want to let you know about.  The first is a free webinar on transitioning to live play that is happening on Friday, May 6th at 9PM Eastern.  (8 for my MN friends) It’s going to be an hour with my business partner, Chris “Fox” Wallace, on live strategy and an hour by Dr. Al Schoonmaker, author of Your Worst Poker Enemy, on the psychological aspects of switching to live poker from online.  With the current state of online poker in the US, I think this is going to be a very useful and important seminar for all of us.

The second event is for my local poker buddies.  Chris and I are doing monthly seminars out at Running Aces starting May 17th at 6PM.  These are not free, but they are limited seating, intense workshops, designed to teach you a massive amount in a single session. We’ve both been teaching poker for a long time, and I feel we’ve developed techniques that show amazing results and that no one else is doing.

Check out ProPokerSeminars.com for testimonials from the participants in our Reno seminar, and to sign up for both of these offerings.

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