Went with the family to Ovo in the big top outside the Mall of America today.  Like all Cirque de Soleil performances, the physicality was absolutely inspiring, and it was nice to see that even after so many shows (most of which I have seen), they can still innovate.  Some standouts from this performance:

  • The Deconstructed Trapeze Act — Trapeze without the trapeze.  Not sure how else to describe it.  Inventive and amazing.
  • Escher’s Trampolines — Two long trampolines set perpendicular with each other combined with a climbing wall and primary colored costumes for an astounding display of acrobatics and artistry.
  • The Red Spider — This is a performer rather than an act.  Though she was never a featured act, she seemed to be in all of them, climbing over the trampoliners hanging on the walls, contorting with the contortionist—even doing a comedy bit with the clowns!

Overall, the performance was excellent.  I was not as enthralled with the music as I usually am at a Cirque show, but it accented the high points of the individual acts fine, and didn’t get in the way of my enjoyment too often.  And it was loud enough to drown out Mr. Chatty and his three friends behind me if I leaned forward, so I have to give it high marks regardless.


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