Gonna get some writing done tonight!

Hurray!  Caught up with my work with Chris Wallace, wife and kids are in bed, school soccer season is over (I coached 7/8 graders to an undefeated season), so time to write!  I’ll be working on The Seelie Wars, a trilogy my mother and I have a contract coming for.  Working with her is both rewarding and frustrating.  She is an excellent writer and I learn a great deal every time we work on something. But she writes so damn fast it’s depressing.  I can struggle over a section for a week or two, spurting arterial blood onto the page to get something perfect, and what feels like five minutes after I send it off I get an email back:

“Oh, that looks lovely, Adam!  I’ve given it a quick edit and added another 1500 words or so.  File is attached.”

And then it’s my turn again.

Anyway, maybe I can work in some plot twists in this go round that will at least let me sleep through the night before getting a chapter back from her.

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  1. hatfield13
    Posted November 4, 2011 at 10:38 pm | Permalink

    Bam! 1,000 words!