Free Write

As you can plainly see, my free writing plan is beginning swimmingly.  Bah. Three days before I finally get another one going.  I’m currently embroiled in mortal combat with a PokerXFactor video I’m trying to record.  I’ve got video clips turning upside down when I convert them, a conversion program them pixelates them and another that needs its preferences purged every time I start it up.  I had to create a powerpoint of the hand histories from scratch because the video is on a live tournament (when I did online tournaments the combo of hand history files and the PXF replayers handled that tricky detail for me).  And finally, when I had the whole thing set up and ready to produce, the normally reliable Camtasia software refuses to produce more than the first 1:43 of a 27 minute video.

Cursed, I say!

And it’s tough to prioritize writing into this.  PXF pays me well to record videos, so getting those done—and on time!—tends to job one.  Oh well, starting the day with writing may have to be the way to go.  Starting the day with TV and video games may be easier, but less satisfying in the long run.

A busy weekend coming up, but should be a fun one.  I’ve got Wyrdsmiths tomorrow night, and the 7th/8th grade soccer team I coach has their last two games on Friday.  We’re trying for a perfect season and I am of course super proud of the kids.  As soon as the games are done, I’m hopping in the car and driving to Cedar Rapids  to be a “Special Guest” at ICON 36.  I have real full slate of programming on Saturday and a small solo concert, both of which I quite enjoy doing.

And now, I will once again engage myself in head-to-code combat with Camtasia and try to convince to maybe do three minutes of video instead of 1:43.

Baby steps.

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