New Year’s Resolution

Well, I did it. I made a New Year’s resolution. Actually, I didn’t think it up till the day after New Year’s Eve, but I’m still calling it a New Year’s resolution.

I write fiction. I’m totally allowed to do that.

I didn’t want to tell anyone about this resolution until I had a week or so of it under my belt to see how it was going. But I’ve held it for over a week now, and I’m pretty damned excited about it.

My New Years resolution is to write 1000 words a day.

Since my output has been reduced as of late, I felt like I really needed a spur to my writing. Well, this has certainly been it. Even last Thursday, when I worked an eight and a half hour shift, had writer’s group, as well as a late (11:30 pm!) soccer game, I managed to get my thousand in. If ever I had a good excuse of a busy day to blow off my resolution, that was it.

Didn’t matter. Finished my thousand, got to bed at 2:30am and set the alarm for eight to go to work again. As my Dad used to say, “If you want sleep, the grave is a fine and quiet place.”

Now, I’m pretty sure that not all of these words are going to end up to be what I’d call sparkling. But that’s not the purpose. There’ll be plenty of time to shine ’em up when I get to revisions. But if you don’t get anything down in the first place, you haven’t got anything to revise!

It’s the math of this resolution that appeals to me. 1000 words in a day is nothing. When I’m at my peak, I can write far more than that in a day. But if I do 1000 words every day, that’s 365,000 words by the end of the year. That’s all my articles and a couple novels besides. Plus some short stories, poems, and a buttload of blog posts.

Of course, given my history with resolutions (at a week, this may be the longest I’ve ever kept one) I’m more than a bit trepidatious about my ability to keep this one. But I have hope, too. It’s going to be hard, but rewarding as well. And besides…

It just feels write.


(I couldn’t resist.)


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