Writer: A Definition

There are a few definitions of a writer that I like.  I think my two favorites are:

A writer is someone who has written today.


A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than for other people.

Obviously I’m more of a second-statement writer as of late.  But I don’t think getting down on myself for not writing enough is going to help; I’ve been beating myself up for days because I  hadn’t written and that certainly didn’t drive me to the keyboard.  I’m just going to have to stay positive.

Yes, all who know me, I can hear you laughing after that last sentence.  So maybe I’m not the world’s most positive person in the world.  Maybe under ‘cynic’ in the dictionary there’s a big frowning picture of me.  I can change, right?  At least I can try.  For instance, here I am, attempting a free write before diving into the novel my mother and I are working on.  In fact, it’s open in another window, cursor a-blink at the end of the last chapter, just waiting for me to switch windows and get to it.  So, at least for tonight, I am a first-statement writer.

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