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WordPress is my bread and butter. A blogging platform that can be easily adjusted into a full content management system, it is fully customizable for an expert designer yet still easy for a beginner to use. It allows me to set up complex and unique sites that can be updated and adapted by my clients after the coding phase is over.

Madwomanintheforest.comA good example of the power of WordPress is the site I did for best-selling author, Laurie Halse Anderson: Mad Woman in the Forest. It's a huge site that uses two full WordPress installs and has custom backgrounds for each section/page, smooth scrolling nested menus and links, embedded videos, a blog that cross-posts automatically to her LiveJournal page, a forum, and customizations throughout. I also provided the logo design, as well as additional photography and the creation of the front page collage.

Of course, customization of this scope comes at a cost. Simple WordPress sites that are only going to be used for blogging (an info page or two, a blog page, a standard template with a few very simple customizations) I can do for $300. A site the size of Laurie's costs upwards of $5000.


Pure html sites offer the highest level of customization, but generally all updates must be done by hand by me. For a small, static site, this can work, but in general I prefer to use some sort of content management software. This site is pure html simply because it's my playground. It's no problem for me to get in and mess with the html—if I break it, I just have to fix it. A site I did for Steven Brust and Skyler White's lovely book, The Incrementalists is also pure html. It's a one page site, though through a fun navigation trick I devised, it functions as a four page site. I designed all the banners to match the cover of the book. Find the hidden link!