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Computers and I have a long history together. My father was a computer science professor, and I still remember the excitement when he brought home an actual monitor. Before that, we used a teletype (complete with giant roll of paper) to link into the UMass mainframes. Many years later, when the two man company I was in needed websites done, I was the natural (and only) candidate. I taught myself most everything I needed, then went to MCTC to fill in the gaps.

I have done sites for a number of different people and businesses ranging from car shops to Guatemalan university charities, but my main niche is (unsurprisingly) writer’s sites. I work primarily with WordPress, as it offers a simple user interface for clients to maintain their site, while still allowing me to “get under the hood” and customize it to suit their needs.

Shoot me an email at hatfield13 (at) gmail (dot) com if you want a quote on a project. I promise, working with writers, I keep my rates quite reasonable!

Site Samples:

JaneYolen.com Site design by Adam StempleI recently finished a giant redesign for JaneYolen.com. She wanted it bright and friendly for young visitors but easily accessible to educators and researchers. I used a bright but fairly neutral palette and let the many varied and wonderful book covers carry the graphic load. For the back end, I leveraged the power of WordPress’s database to categorize and catalog the wealth of information, then created a variety of premade searches to function as menu items.


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