Meet Hornburri Huntfell, Dwarf

Time to meet some of the characters in Wolf in My Beard, the comedy fantasy I’m kickstarting. First up, Hornburri of Huntfell:

Hornburri of Huntfell is a dwarf. And while dwarves are known to be surly, cantankerous, and generally unpleasant to be around, Hornburri is likely the surliest, most cantankerous, and least agreeable creature that has ever emerged from the underground kingdoms. To look at his history is to examine a trail of misdeeds, misadventures, and misanthropy — and those are the good parts. He has been credibly charged with theft by swindle, public drunkenness, starting fights, hoarding gems, and vandalism. He once fought a duel with a dwarf over a bar tab of less than ten coppers. And by duel, I mean he hit the other guy over the head with a beer mug when his back was turned, then stood over his unconscious body and said, “I challenge you to a duel.”

Nevertheless, Wolf in My Beard is largely his tale, for it is his (and Portic’s) journals that were found. It is a grand tale, a heroic tale, a tale of heroes bold and villains most foul. And if there seems to be a lot more people getting hit in the nards than most epic tales feature, what can we do? We must be true to the source material.

So, please, go to the Kickstarter and make a small pledge to help Hornburri’s story come to light.

Tomorrow, I’ll introduce our other hero, Portic the Bold.