Triptych #2

Audio coming soon This song is part of a series of “triptychs” I’ve been working, experimental pieces in roughly three movements. This one, though it seems amorphous at times, actually keeps a steady beat throughout. Triptych #1 is available through my Patreon.

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The Assignment

This is both a song and a piece of art. Also, a tiny bit of a treasure hunt. Put out by the always adventurous and amazing, Blaze Ward in his latest anthology, Cloak and Dagger. Available damn near everywhere: Kobo: Kindle: iTunes: Paper: B&N:

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Cover of Antler Dance by Boiled in Lead

Antler Dance

1994 Omnium Antler Dance was the first album I did with Boiled in Lead, a band absolutely fraught. The album reflects that with moments of genius set beside by pieces I still shudder to listen to 30+ years later. The title was mine, based on a SNL skit featuring Dan Aykroyd and Lily Tomlin. The […]

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Cover of A Rose for Iconoclastes

A Rose for Iconoclastes

1993 Beer & Pizza, Inc. My first full-on producing credit, as Steve brought me in from the get-go. Worked again with the inimitable Tommy Roberts at Underground Studios. This was my first time working with Gary Schulte, one of several amazing fiddlers I would work with in my career, and Dakota Dave Hull, master of […]

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Cover of The Return of Pansy Smith and Violet Jones by the Flash Girls

The Return of Pansy Smith and Violet Jones

1993 Spin Art My first producer credit. I was called in late on this album—not my favorite way to work—but the end result was pretty cool. The Flash Girls were an adventurous duo, and with authors Emma Bull, Jane Yolen, and Neil Gaiman often serving as their lyricists, had some great material to work with. […]

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Cover of Another Way to Travel by Cats Laughing

Another Way to Travel

1990 Spin Art Another Way to Travel was our first foray into a real studio, Underground Studios, with legendary engineer/producer Tommy Roberts. Tommy later started Zvex effects, that makes awesome guitar effect boxes. This album remains one of my favorites. As I say in the Cats Laughing band description, I feel like at times, our […]

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Cats Laughing Self-Titled DEbut

Cats Laughing

1988 Spin Art (cassette), reissued digitally in 2013 The very first album I think any of us recorded. We did it on a 4-track and released it on cassette (google it, youngsters!). To multi-track anything, we had to mix all the tracks we already had onto two stereo tracks, and then use the other two […]

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Purgatory Hollow

Purgatory Creek

Bluegrass and Irish music with old friends. Band members are journalist and disability activist, David Perry on guitar and vocals, Dee Brust from SisterTree on guitar and vocals, and local fiddler, Ann Viviano, on violin and vocals.

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