Cover of A Rose for Iconoclastes

A Rose for Iconoclastes

1993 Beer & Pizza, Inc. My first full-on producing credit, as Steve brought me in from the get-go. Worked again with the inimitable Tommy Roberts at Underground Studios. This was my first time working with Gary Schulte, one of several amazing fiddlers I would work with in my career, and Dakota Dave Hull, master of […]

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Cover of The Return of Pansy Smith and Violet Jones by the Flash Girls

The Return of Pansy Smith and Violet Jones

1993 Spin Art My first producer credit. I was called in late on this album—not my favorite way to work—but the end result was pretty cool. The Flash Girls were an adventurous duo, and with authors Emma Bull, Jane Yolen, and Neil Gaiman often serving as their lyricists, had some great material to work with. […]

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