The Return of Pansy Smith and Violet Jones

Cover of The Return of Pansy Smith and Violet Jones by the Flash Girls

1993 Spin Art

My first producer credit. I was called in late on this album—not my favorite way to work—but the end result was pretty cool. The Flash Girls were an adventurous duo, and with authors Emma Bull, Jane Yolen, and Neil Gaiman often serving as their lyricists, had some great material to work with.

Remains the only album I am credited with playing a whip on.

Emma Bull — Guitar, Vocals, Kazoo
Lorraine Garland — Fiddle, Vocals

Additional Musicians:

  • Adam Stemple — Guitar, Lap Steel, Piano, Kazoo, Door, Arabic (I don’t remember what this means or what I did, but I’m credited with it on the album), , Whip, Radio Voice
  • Steven Brust — Percussion
  • Robin Anders — Percussion
  • Todd Menton — Tin whistle, bodhran
  • Drew Miller — Bass, dulcimer
  • John Sjogren — Voice of Rodan
  • Earl E. Mammal — Key ring, Appalachian