Another Way to Travel

February 24, 2019 Albums, Band Member, Front Page, Music
Cover of Another Way to Travel by Cats Laughing

1990 Spin Art

Another Way to Travel was our first foray into a real studio, Underground Studios, with legendary engineer/producer Tommy Roberts. Tommy later started Zvex effects, that makes awesome guitar effect boxes.

This album remains one of my favorites. As I say in the Cats Laughing band description, I feel like at times, our ideas outstripped our skill level. Tommy’s brilliant engineering covered up any of that and let our songwriting and inventiveness shine through.

The Band:

  • Adam Stemple—Vocals, Guitar
  • Lojo Russo—Vocals, Bass
  • Emma Bull—Vocals, Harmonica, Percussion
  • Steven Brust—Drums, Percussion
  • Bill Colsher—Guitar

Additional Musicians:

  • Dave Stenshoel — Fiddle
  • Robin Anders — Percussion


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