Cats Laughing

February 10, 2019 Bands, Music
Cats Laughing

Move to Minneapolis, Steve said. We’ll start a band. It’ll be fun. I did. And it was.

Cats Laughing was a very unique and adventurous band. We played songs, but many of them had long sections for improvisation, where we would often—and intentionally—leave traditional ideas of pitch and meter behind.
We wrote our sets so that each song flowed into the other with no breaks, transitioning from one to the other through extended and unscripted jams. At times, I think our ideas outpaced our skill level, but our songwriting was top-notch and I believe our two albums still stand up today.

Also, and most importantly, we were in a comic book, Marvel’s Excalibur #5.



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Cats Laughing Original Lineup

  • Adam Stemple—Vocals, Guitar
  • Lojo Russo—Vocals, Bass
  • Emma Bull—Vocals, Harmonica, Percussion
  • Steven Brust—Drums, Percussion
  • Bill Colsher—Guitar


Other Members: