Cover of Antler Dance by Boiled in Lead

Antler Dance

1994 Omnium Antler Dance was the first album I did with Boiled in Lead, a band absolutely fraught. The album reflects that with moments of genius set beside by pieces I still shudder to listen to 30+ years later. The title was mine, based on a SNL skit featuring Dan Aykroyd and Lily Tomlin. The […]

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Cover of Another Way to Travel by Cats Laughing

Another Way to Travel

1990 Spin Art Another Way to Travel was our first foray into a real studio, Underground Studios, with legendary engineer/producer Tommy Roberts. Tommy later started Zvex effects, that makes awesome guitar effect boxes. This album remains one of my favorites. As I say in the Cats Laughing band description, I feel like at times, our […]

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Cats Laughing Self-Titled DEbut

Cats Laughing

1988 Spin Art (cassette), reissued digitally in 2013 The very first album I think any of us recorded. We did it on a 4-track and released it on cassette (google it, youngsters!). To multi-track anything, we had to mix all the tracks we already had onto two stereo tracks, and then use the other two […]

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