Antler Dance

Cover of Antler Dance by Boiled in Lead

1994 Omnium

Antler Dance was the first album I did with Boiled in Lead, a band absolutely fraught. The album reflects that with moments of genius set beside by pieces I still shudder to listen to 30+ years later.

The title was mine, based on a SNL skit featuring Dan Aykroyd and Lily Tomlin. The cover art was by local artist, Sindibad O’Dell.

The song, Walk Through the Door, is a sequel to Draw the Curtain on Another Way to Travel.

The Band:

  • Adam Stemple — Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin
  • Josef Kessler — Violin, Viola
  • Drew Miller — Bass, Dulcimer
  • Robin Anders — Drums, Percussion

Additional Musicians:

  • Frank London — Trumpet, Piano, Organ
  • Matt Darriau — Saxophone, Kaval
  • Jack Kessler — Vocals
  • Tine Kindermann — Vocals
  • Paul Wehling — Bouzouki
  • David Stenshoel — Zurna
  • Rex King — Zurna
  • Bruce “Creeper” Kurnow — Harmonica
  • Laura MacKenzie — Great Pipes