Minicon Schedule

Friday 6:30 PM
Signing Tables
Art – Terrace 1,2,3
Adam Stemple, Jane Yolen
Saturday 11:30 AM
Creativity and Mental Health
Art therapy helps many people cope with difficulties and stress, and helps to speed up the recovery process from trauma.  How do artists and creators use art to de-stress?  How can art help us express feelings not easy to express in words?  How does art help us solve problems from a different perspective?
Orchard Room
Adam Stemple (m), Laramie Sasseville, Peg Kerr
Saturday 2:30 PM
Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple Reading
Park 2
Adam Stemple, Jane Yolen
Saturday 5:30 PM
Concert: David Perry and Friends
David Perry performs high-energy, Celtic-influenced folk music. He can often be found making music at cons around the country and in The Tooles, a Midwestern Irish pub band. He will be accompanied at Minicon 54 by numerous mystery guests. You’ll have to come to the show to find out exactly who…
Courtyard 1,2, 3
Dee Brust, Adam Stemple, David Perry
Saturday 8:30 PM
Concert: Teresa Chandler
Teresa Chandler, joined by Adam Stemple, and MumbleSomething, will be playing songs from her upcoming album, Decades Down This Road, You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll share the fun and the magic of Teresa and Adam ‘making’ music. From reviewers: ‘Teresa has a marvelous coloratura voice which she puts to good use and the emotion she belts out can surprise you. If you’ve ever seen her in concert, you know what heart and soul she pours into her songs… A versatile songwriter, and amazing singer.’ Come see what they are talking about, you won’t be disappointed. Maybe she’ll do her song about sleep.
Courtyard 1,2, 3
Adam Stemple, Teresa Chandler
Saturday 10:00 PM
Concert: Adam Stemple
Adam Stemple first played music in Minnesota in 1987 at Minicon 22. He was the music Guest of Honor at Minicon 50. In between, he played in a lot of bands, won some awards, and lost all his hair.
Courtyard 1,2, 3
Adam Stemple
Sunday 11:30 AM
The Assumption of Commonality
Do we all really believe the same things?  Probably not.  Even within similarly defined groups, we tend to believe different things.  How do we find common ground when our definitions for ourselves may not match the definitions others have for us?
Orchard Room
Bill Thomasson, Adam Stemple, Peg Kerr
Sunday 1:30 PM
Kaffeeklatsch with Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple
Kaffeeklatch with Jane Yolen, limited to ten people.  Sign up is available before the convention, or on Friday at the Registration table.
Minicon Bar
Tom Foley (m), Adam Stemple, Adam Stemple, Jane Yolen