Cover of Antler Dance by Boiled in Lead

Antler Dance

1994 Omnium Antler Dance was the first album I did with Boiled in Lead, a band absolutely fraught. The album reflects that with moments of genius set beside by pieces I still shudder to listen to 30+ years later. The title was mine, based on a SNL skit featuring Dan Aykroyd and Lily Tomlin. The […]

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The Tim Malloys, Bloody Irish Music

The Tim Malloys

Of all the bands I’ve been in, The Tim Malloys might be my favorite. Frenetic and fun, this is Irish music without the lilt. Rebel songs are our mainstay, but we also have room for long jams. If I can’t stretch out and improvise with a group, I get bored in a hurry. It helps […]

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