Cover of The hostage Prince by Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple

The Hostage Prince (The Seelie Wars Book 1)

with Jane Yolen Viking 2013 The first in a middle grade trilogy in which a young elven prince is traded as a hostage to keep the two opposing fey kingdoms from war, and a midwife’s apprentice helps him escape. Buy The Hostage Prince from an independent bookstore. “An entertaining, thrilling fantasy with a host of […]

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Cover of Steward of Song by Adam Stemple

Steward of Song (Sequel to SINGER OF SOULS)

Tor 2008 The sequel to Singer of Souls follows Douglas’s siblings as they deal with the fallout from magic, murder, and Faery prophecy. BUy Steward of Song from your local indie bookstore. “Stemple riffs off Native American and Celtic myths with ease while skillfully depicting a world where any move can have dire consequences.” —Publishers […]

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Faerie Tales edited by Martin H Greenberg and Russel Davis

A Piece of Flesh

Appeared in Faerie Tales edited by Martin H Greenberg and Russel Davis My creepy take on the brewery of eggshells tale. The title is from a Martin Luther quote regarding changelings, and how they are but a piece of flesh as they have no soul. “Nowhere in the twelve original stories in this anthology is […]

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