Cover of All Hell breaking Loose

Burning Down the House

DAW 2004Edited by Martin H. Greenberg A group of house rehabbers break throw a wall and find a portal into Hell. Research involved Dantes Inferno and a great non-fiction book about the devil his history called The Old Enemy.

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The Three Truths

Paradox Magazine 2005 The Three Truths was not a story I wanted to write. Don’t get me wrong, I thought the idea of a historical samurai detective story was great, but as I knew absolutely bugger all about Japan in general and even less about the samurai class in particular, the amount of research required […]

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Faerie Tales edited by Martin H Greenberg and Russel Davis

A Piece of Flesh

Appeared in Faerie Tales edited by Martin H Greenberg and Russel Davis My creepy take on the brewery of eggshells tale. The title is from a Martin Luther quote regarding changelings, and how they are but a piece of flesh as they have no soul. “Nowhere in the twelve original stories in this anthology is […]

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Robin Hood v. 1.5.3.

My very first sale. Little did I know what horrors awaited me once I started down the writer’s path… “Adam Stemple takes [the Robin Hood legend] hilariously into our own future by setting an Artificial Intelligence with a Robin Hood complex loose in cyberspace.” —Kirkus Reviews “All [the stories] are quick, delightful reads suitable for […]

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