Little Red

Cover of Firebirds Soaring

with Jane Yolen
Firebird 2009
Edited by Sharyn November

The single creepiest story I have ever written—and I like to think that’s a pretty high bar. An edgy YA story that touches on abuse, insanity, and the thin line between the dream state and the waking world. I imagined the ending while in that strange place we inhabit when nearly asleep but still semi-awake. Dragged myself out of bed and wrote a thousand words in about ten minutes. Felt as if strange, Jungian archetypes had taken hold of my fingers and I was just transcribing. A truly weird experience.

The variety of styles and themes and a gathering together of so many talented writers in one work offer readers a banquet for the imagination. For fans of the genre, this is a must read.

—School Library Journal

From the lush and lyrical to the minimalist, soaring is exactly what these stories do, taking the reader through unexplored lands of the fantastic, well beyond wizards, vampires and faeries.

—Kirkus Reviews