The Goblin Hole

For some reason, I always wanted to set a story in the trenches of WWI. When I finally did, it pretty much had to be horror. Dark fantasy if I’m feeling generous. But trying to come up with something to move the needle on the men experiencing the every day terrors of trench warfare was […]

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Cover of Firebirds Soaring

Little Red

with Jane YolenFirebird 2009Edited by Sharyn November The single creepiest story I have ever written—and I like to think that’s a pretty high bar. An edgy YA story that touches on abuse, insanity, and the thin line between the dream state and the waking world. I imagined the ending while in that strange place we […]

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Book cover of Singer of Souls by Adam Stemple

Singer of Souls

Tor 2005 A street musician with a drug problem tries to escape to Edinburgh and get clean, but runs into trouble with the Faery court. Buy Singer of Souls from your local indie bookstore. *STARRED REVIEW* “A dour, nihilistic, absolutely marvelous grunge fantasy.” Ray Olsen, Booklist “He writes with an assurance that belies the fact […]

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Cover of All Hell breaking Loose

Burning Down the House

DAW 2004Edited by Martin H. Greenberg A group of house rehabbers break throw a wall and find a portal into Hell. Research involved Dantes Inferno and a great non-fiction book about the devil his history called The Old Enemy.

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Faerie Tales edited by Martin H Greenberg and Russel Davis

A Piece of Flesh

Appeared in Faerie Tales edited by Martin H Greenberg and Russel Davis My creepy take on the brewery of eggshells tale. The title is from a Martin Luther quote regarding changelings, and how they are but a piece of flesh as they have no soul. “Nowhere in the twelve original stories in this anthology is […]

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