Cover Reveal!

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this book to come out.

Well, actually, I can. I’m so excited! It’s a foray into undiscovered country for me, as it’s a thriller. I’ve always had so much action in my fantasy novels, and I read a ton of thriller/mystery books, so I decided to finally write one. Of course, being me, I couldn’t just write a normal thriller. Instead, I wrote a medical thriller disguised as a zombie novel. Or maybe a zombie novel masquerading as a medical thriller. Doesn’t matter. It’s a damn page turner.

Here’s the flap copy:

One good deed can start the apocalypse. It’s going to take a whole lot of bad ones to stop it.

Ellie Buchman just wants to be a reporter. Instead, she’s stuck as a weather girl at a small Midwest news channel. But one phone call changes everything.
“Meet me in an hour if you want to save the world.”
Now she’s on a mission to find Lucas, a scientist with a terrible secret. But powerful forces don’t want that secret getting out, and they’ve sent an unstoppable hitman to silence him.
And then things get so much worse.
This fast-paced horror thriller by award-winning author Adam Stemple combines science, greed, and the search for immortality into a non-stop page turner that speeds through every twist and turn like a racecar from Hell—and doesn’t pump the brakes until the final sentence is read.

Some comments so far:

“No one writes bastard-son-of-a-bitch characters as brilliantly as Adam Stemple” — Naomi Kritzer, Hugo Award Winning Author of Catfishing on Catnet

You may have seen me use Naomi’s quote before because it was meant as a general use quote for my work as a whole. But this book was the one that truly inspired it.

“I stayed up all night reading this, breath-taking zombie/godfather epic, and I stay up all night for nobody and nothing. Not even for one of my kids!” — Jane Yolen, author of Devil’s Arithmetic, Briar Rose, Sister Emily’s Lightship, and 400+ other books.

Sure she’s my mom, but have you seen her blurb any of my other books? I warned her not to start this one at night, but she didn’t listen.

Anyway, more as this book becomes available for presale. It’s a banger.