Crow Not Crow

Cover of Cornell Lab Publishing Group

with Jane Yolen

with Jane Yolen
Illustrated by Elizabeth Dulemba
Cornell Lab Publishing Group (August 27, 2018)

My first picture book! A young girl learns to bird using the “Crow not Crow” method.

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There’s a little teacher’s guide at Unleashing Readers. (Some lovely reviews as well!)

“Descriptions and photos of all the birds illustrated are included in two spreads at the end, with QR codes for listening to their songs. A solid choice for introducing the hobby to younger readers.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“…a great way to introduce the concepts of birding.”

Mother/Daughter Bookclub

“Jane Yolen is one of the best picture book authors alive, so I was particularly pleased that this book did not disappoint me. Like most of her books, it is quiet and has a powerful force behind it. It lends itself to a “crow not crow” type of game with children that would be quite fun. I will be purchasing this book as a gift for several friends. It’s beautifully done.”

—Unleashing Readers