Robin Hood v. 1.5.3.


My very first sale. Little did I know what horrors awaited me once I started down the writer’s path…

“Adam Stemple takes [the Robin Hood legend] hilariously into our own future by setting an Artificial Intelligence with a Robin Hood complex loose in cyberspace.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“All [the stories] are quick, delightful reads suitable for reading of a warm summer’s evening. I particularly like Adam Stemple’s tale of a digital Robin Hood redistributing the global wealth of all the rich…”

—The Greenman Review

“Crafted by master word weavers, this wonderful collection of eight original short stories adds new designs and textures to the to tapestry of Robin Hood lore. … And in Adam Stemple’s humorous ‘Robin Hood v. 1.5.3,’ delighted readers will find Robin’s cyber spirit redistributing the world’s wealth through the Internet.”

—Children’s Literature