Writing, more writing, and a little bit of (potential) hate.

Solid bit of work today despite the word count being south of a thousand. Any time I begin, write, complete, and rewrite a complete story in one day is a good day. Just because it was a flash piece doesn’t diminish that. Fact is, I sat at the computer with zero thoughts in my head and some time later I had a complete story. A story I even like! Besides, with everything going on in the world (8 more days…), it’s difficult to concentrate on anything. Also, I had to write a particularly difficult email first thing, so I thought that might have put paid to any illusions of getting anything done today. But besides the story, I also did a final edit on my freebie that’s going out with the newsletter on Halloween as well as finishing up the text for the newsletter itself.

Not bad for a guy with no ideas in his head in the middle of a global pandemic and a world-altering election upcoming.

Only downside is now my writers group has three chaps of my novel and two short stories from me to critique for next meeting. Entirely possible they hate me now.