Deed of Empire

Deed of Empire is the first book of the big, sweeping, epic fantasy I’ve wanted to write since I read Lord of the Rings when I was nine years old. Of course, it’s me writing it, so it’s gritty and dark and populated with a great number of unpleasant people, but it’s still epic!

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Company Men

The sequel to Bad Company. The apocalypse isn’t done. It’s just been handed over to the government. Quinn and Ellie are back in violent action as Quinn enlists her help to track down his old boss who tried to have him killed. But someone else is hunting them right back.

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Bad Company

My foray into thriller/horror novels. I love this book. Response has been great, too. If you’re looking for a page-turning, exciting, violent, funny thriller with great characters, then this is the one for you. “A riproaring combination of crime thriller, science fiction and horror that starts fast and keeps moving!” — Eleanor Arneson, winner of […]

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Cover of Galloch by Adam Stemple

Galloch (Mika Bare-Hand Book 2)

Book 2 of the Mika Bare-Hand Books GALLOCH is the second book in the Mika Bare-Hand Books. It was truly fun returning to this world and these characters. Third book in the series is in the works. Available for Kindle and Paperback “No one writes bastard-son-of-a-bitch characters as brilliantly as Adam Stemple.” Naomi Kritzer, Hugo-Award-Winning […]

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Picture of a half-man, half-cat face with a green eye

Duster (Mika Bare-Hand Book 1)

Book 1 of the Mika Bare-Hand Books DUSTER is my first venture into the world of self-publishing. I’ve quite enjoyed the process, probably largely because I’m such a control freak. I get to design the cover, choose the release date, write the flap copy etc. We’ll see how it goes, but I love this book […]

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