Cover of The Dragon Book

The Tsar’s Dragons

Edited by Jack Dann and Gardner DozoisAndersen Press Ltd 2009 The Russian revolution, but with dragons. Years later we turned this into the well-received novella, The Last Tsar’s Dragons. Vivid, gripping and actually riveting as the Red Danger takes a whole new meaning here. Loved it. —The Book Smugglers

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Cover of Firebirds Soaring

Little Red

with Jane YolenFirebird 2009Edited by Sharyn November The single creepiest story I have ever written—and I like to think that’s a pretty high bar. An edgy YA story that touches on abuse, insanity, and the thin line between the dream state and the waking world. I imagined the ending while in that strange place we […]

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Paradox Magazine 2006 Kitsune was the second story I wrote in the series about Master Shichiro and his servant Ken’ichi. I started this one with no idea of a plot, I just wanted to keep writing about Master Shichiro and Ken’ichi, two characters I had a great deal of fun with. So I put Keni’chi […]

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Cover of All Hell breaking Loose

Burning Down the House

DAW 2004Edited by Martin H. Greenberg A group of house rehabbers break throw a wall and find a portal into Hell. Research involved Dantes Inferno and a great non-fiction book about the devil his history called The Old Enemy.

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The Three Truths

Paradox Magazine 2005 The Three Truths was not a story I wanted to write. Don’t get me wrong, I thought the idea of a historical samurai detective story was great, but as I knew absolutely bugger all about Japan in general and even less about the samurai class in particular, the amount of research required […]

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Faerie Tales edited by Martin H Greenberg and Russel Davis

A Piece of Flesh

Appeared in Faerie Tales edited by Martin H Greenberg and Russel Davis My creepy take on the brewery of eggshells tale. The title is from a Martin Luther quote regarding changelings, and how they are but a piece of flesh as they have no soul. “Nowhere in the twelve original stories in this anthology is […]

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Robin Hood v. 1.5.3.

My very first sale. Little did I know what horrors awaited me once I started down the writer’s path… “Adam Stemple takes [the Robin Hood legend] hilariously into our own future by setting an Artificial Intelligence with a Robin Hood complex loose in cyberspace.” —Kirkus Reviews “All [the stories] are quick, delightful reads suitable for […]

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