Duster available soon

Picture of a half-man, half-cat face with a green eye

On saturday, my fantasy novel, DUSTER, will be available for pre-order on Amazon. Two weeks after that will be the official release date. I’m calling it a dark fantasy about dead gods, older heroes, and a world at war. Here’s my current blurb:

“From award-winning author Adam Stemple comes a gripping story set in a dark fantasy world where an uneasy truce between the four races has lasted for twenty years.

Until now.

The Dusters, a race of cat people from the north, have invaded and now former soldier Mika must make a grim choice: take up the sword again or watch everything he loves burn.

With his old friend Gair and a mysterious, half-breed Duster, Mika makes his way from his Northern border home to the southern capital, across the frozen wastes of the Duster homelands and deep underground where the legendary Gallochs dwell, trying to unravel the mystery of the Duster attack and how it’s connected to his own origin. Hunted by his own kind and unable to trust his companions, he finds that to save his family, he may have to defeat not only the Duster army but the very Gods themselves.

Duster is an epic, page-turning fantasy for adult readers who like their tales grim and dark but with just enough light at the end of the tunnel to keep them wanting more.

‘I can, without reservation, recommend everything Adam Stemple has written, and Duster is no exception.’ — Steven Brust, Best-Selling author of Jhereg”

Additionally, when Duster goes on pre-sale, I’ll be putting up a free story set in the same world, “The Boy from Buanfar,” a short and violent tale of a young man in the army during the early days of the Second Duster War. Hugo-award-winning author, Naomi Kritzer gave me one of my all-time favorite blurbs: “No one writes bastard-son-of-a-bitch characters as brilliantly as Adam Stemple.” And the main character of this story is certainly one of those.

Also, I still have arcs available through booksprout.com


I hope you folks enjoy the books and please, if you do, leave a review! If you don’t like them, forget we had this conversation.