What am I working on?

What’s going on with me? Well, I’m glad you asked!   Aside from DUSTER (epic dark fantasy out in a week), I’ve got a few things available right now.    NUNS WITH GUNS — My story, “Scent of a Demon”, leads the Blaze Ward anthology where the only rule was that at some point in […]

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Picture of a half-man, half-cat face with a green eye

Duster available soon

On saturday, my fantasy novel, DUSTER, will be available for pre-order on Amazon. Two weeks after that will be the official release date. I’m calling it a dark fantasy about dead gods, older heroes, and a world at war. Here’s my current blurb: “From award-winning author Adam Stemple comes a gripping story set in a […]

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Professional Year in Review

So I’m a little late on this, but here goes… WRITING: It was a good year for writing as I left my 40+ hour a week job and concentrated on creative pursuits fully for the first time in five years. I went from having 3-5 things out on submission at any one time to 15-30. […]

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A sale, a veritable sale!

I sold a short story to Orca Literary Journal yesterday! It’s a non-genre flash piece called A Season’s End and will be in their second issue. I can’t really begin to explain how excited I am. But I will try… All sales are super exciting. Writers have to have a thick skin about rejections—because you’re […]

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Cover of The Last Tsar's Dragons by Adam Stemple and Jane Yolen

Book Birthday: The Last Tsar’s Dragons

It is that most wonderful of days in an author’s life: a book birthday. Today marks the publication date of Jane Yolen’s and my newest novella, The Last Tsar’s Dragons. It is, as the title suggests, a story of the Russian Revolution but with dragons added. Many thanks to all the great people at Tachyon […]

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Learning How You Write

It is a long held belief that there is no one way to write, and that those who tell you differently, tell you that their way is the One True Way, are at best ill-informed. More likely, they’re trying to sell you advice that they know is worthless. I’m not going to disabuse you of […]

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Minicon Schedule

Friday 6:30 PM Signing Tables Art – Terrace 1,2,3 Adam Stemple, Jane Yolen   Saturday 11:30 AM Creativity and Mental Health Art therapy helps many people cope with difficulties and stress, and helps to speed up the recovery process from trauma.  How do artists and creators use art to de-stress?  How can art help us […]

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Doomsday Panel at Boskone 56

On Doomsday, Diversity, and Blind Spots in My Worldview

Warning: Subjects in your blind spot may be bigger than they appear I have recently returned from Boskone 56 with a head full of storylines, character sketches, and half-written blog posts, as well as a heart full of catching up with old friends and making new ones. This is not unusual. However, this year I […]

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Five Years in Red

I recently ended my employment at Target after five years. It was a great experience. Going from backroom team member to team lead, I learned a lot about myself and even more about leadership, responsibility, and the rewards of hard, regular work. But recently Target corporate decided to go in a direction that I felt […]

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